Sunday, April 13, 2014

results 4/9

We had another huge jackpot!! 51 in the open...which means we added $300.  15 in the poles...$50 added
Thank you to everyone for their help...a big thanks to Randy Broadhead for helping out with the announcing!! As always thank you to JC Price for and those others who helped set barrels and helped things move smooth!
Next jackpot:
Wednesday April16th 6PM Pocatello indoor arena
Wednesday April 23rd 6PM Pocatello Indoor arena
Wednesday April 30th 6PM Pocatello Indoor arena
jackpots in May will be in roping long as the weather cooperates!!

Open Barrels
Cody Hyde 16.962 6 pts
Wendy Scalise 17.456 5 pts
Stacie Stephenson 17.460 4 pts
Melanie Williams 17.463 6 pts
Rochelle WRight 17.485 5 pts
Jeannie Hanson 17.507 4 pts
Cody Hyde 17.564 3 pts
Rochelle Wright 17.585
Courtney Engberson 17.599 1 pt
Paige Bennett 18.027 6 pts
Taylor Lloyd 18.039 5 pts
Denise Tubbs 18.086 4 pts
Wendy Scalise 18.127 3 pts
 Jeannie Hanson 18.132 2 pts
Chrissy Tysor 18.185 1 pt
Matte Foster 19.038 6 pts
Rochelle Wright 19.072 5 pts
Aleena McNee 19.275 4 pts
Wendy Scalise 19.435 3 pts
Terri Price 19.470 2 pts
Vicki Price 19.732 1 pt

Youth Barrels
1D Paige Bennett 18.027 6 pts
2D Cami Thompson 19.445 6 pts
3D Darby Bennett 21.009 6 pts

8 and under
Oakley Crane 18.743 $3.00

Open Poles
Cece Stephenson 12.189 $88
Cami Thompson 23.250 $62
Maykayla Herres 23.625 $48

Sunday, April 6, 2014

First jackpot results!

We had a great jackpot on Wednesday night.  42 in the open an 17 in the poles!! A big thanks to everyone for their support and pitching in to help!

Spring schedule
Wednesday April 9th  Pocatello Indoor arena 6 PM
Wednesday April 16th Pocatello Indoor arena 6PM
Wednesday April 23rd Pocatello Indoor arena 6PM                    call or text to pre-enter 479-1292
Wednesday April 30th Pocatello Indoor arena 6PM

4/2 results
Open Barrels
Josie Jensen 16.605 6 pts
Cody Hyde 16.733 5 pts
Bailey Harris 16.796 4 pts
Shawna Sutton 16.812 3pts
Cody Hyde 16.814 2 pts
Cassidy Corda 16.862 1 pt
Jennifer Lacey 17.145 6 pts
Denise Tubbs 17.163 5 pts
Shawna Swan 17.189 4pts
Shawna Sutton 17.413 3 pts
Kim Lane 17.504 2 pts
Caren Thompsen 17.525 1 pt
Shawnee Smith 17.813 6 pts
Callie Shipley 17.848 5 pts
Andee Geddes 18.080 4 pts
Bailee Harris 18.081 3 pts
Karlee Wadoups 18.083 2 pts
Kelsie Townsend 18.215 1 pt
Kylie Willis 19.174 6 pts
Andee Geddes 19.817 5 pts
Lindsey Kiggins 20.743 4 pts
Sue Cook 27.229  3 pts

Open Poles
Bailey Harris 21.030 $49.50
Chrissy Tysor 21.946 $34.50
Cassidy Corda 23.167 $49.50
Bailee Smith 23.645 $34.50

Pts are updated on blog!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring schedule

Its Spring!!

Spring Shedule

Wednesday April 2nd Pocatello Indoor arena 6 PM
Wednesday April 9th Pocatello Indoor arena 6 PM
Wednesday April 16th Pocatello Indoor arena 6pm                  for all these pre-enter 479-1292
Wednesday April 23rd Pocatello Indoor arena 6 PM                       you can also text me :)
Wednesday April 30th Pocatello Indoor arena 6PM

We will be having jackpots on Wednesdays.  all jackpots will be in Poky, either indoor, roping arena or upper arena (w/track)  We will not have jackpots during state high school rodeo, or big holiday weekends, etc. 

Thoughts and prayers to our good friend Jeannie Hanson.  Bud suffered a stroke earlier this spring and Jeannie is taking good care of him.  Hang in there!! Hope to see you soon!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

money from ISU fundraiser

The ISU coach has money for Allie Aron from the fundraiser.  Please call Melissa at 339-0701 so she can get it delivered!!  Thanks again for everyones support.
 I will get results posted from last two jackpots asap.  Thanks for a great year everyone!!  Our plan is to get started in the spring around the 1st of April.  We will be in roping arena (or indoor) April, and May.  Upper arena (w/track) June, July and August and back to roping arena for September and October.  We will run on Wednesdays again.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

last jackpot of the year!

We will have our last jackpot of the fall tomorrow night at the Pocatello Indoor arena.  Time onlys will start at 6PM.  Please call 479-1292 to pre-enter. thanks!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jackpot on Wednesday

For jackpot on Wednesday October 16th.  Please pre-enter with Shawna 242-7889.  I am going to be late, so if anyone can help stake the arena, it would be appreciated.  Thanks!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

results from last week

 We will be working with ISU to do a fundraiser on October 23rd at the Pocatello arena.  A member of their ISU rodeo team, Colleen Jackson, passed away in an automobile accident.  There will be $250 added to this.  The entry fees are $30 for open barrels and $15 for youth.  We will not have any poles this night.  There will also be a silent auction, if anybody wants to donate items, please contact Shelby Freed.  Our BCRA points will count as normal for the barrels.   Any questions or comments, please contact me, Courtney 479-1292  Thank you in advance for your support!!

Fall Schedule
10/16 Pocatello roping arena  6PM
10/23  Pocatello indoor arena
10/30 Pocatello roping arena 6 PM

We have worked out an agreement with Bannock fairgrounds.  We will start our jackpots next spring in April.  We will be in roping arena in April, and May.  June, July and August (with exception of 4th of July, 24th and State high school rodeo) we will be in upper arena (by track) and then starting in September, we will move back down to roping arena.  We will hold our jackpots on Wednesdays.  During summer months, we are going to try to have some down in Preston. 

Open Barrels
Shanae Baron 18.106 6 pts
Courtney Engberson 18.185 5 pts
Mary Aller 18.308 4 pts
Mary Aller 18.396
Carrie Stark 18.433 2 pts
Georgina Marshall 18.455 1 pt
Cody Hyde 18.697 6 pts
Shelly Aller 18.921 5 pts
Denise Tubbs 18.998 4 pts
Taya Mowrey 19.016 3 pts
Mackenzie Wiliams 19.077 2 pts
Katie Thompson 19.081 1 pt
Stacie Stephenson 19.129 6 pts
Stacie Stephenson 19.218 5 pts
Ron Thomas 19.239 4 pts
Denise Tubbs 19.309 3 pts
Mattie Foster 19. 476 2 pts
Janet Hanson 19.817 1 pt
Taya Mowrey 21.073 6 pts
Terry Price 21.778 5 pts
Desi Williams 22.642 4 pts

Youth Barrels
1D Kylee Copeland 20.275 6 pts

Open Poles
1D Courtney Engberson 21.317 $34.50
3D Ron Thomas 24.373 $34.50

Youth Poles
Kylee Copeland 24.101 $10